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Sunday, December 18, 2011


As my last Giveaway for the "Season for Giving" Giveaways, this year, here at Lady Jayne's Reading Den, I'm giving 2 of my members the chance to win copies of the paperback for the re-release of UNTAMED by the amazing PAMELA CLARE (with NEW MATERIAL!), which will be re-released on 3 JANUARY 2012.  I will pre-order the copies from The Book Depository for the 2 lucky randomly drawn winners.

Pamela Clare is one of my absolute favorite authors and I'm so happy that she got a chance to re-release this book the way she wanted to. To read more about it please see below "From the Author".

From the Author

Dear Readers,

Untamed is back, both as an ebook and in print -- but there's more to the story, quite literally.

When I originally wrote it, the original publisher called to say they had to cut at least 25 pages from the story to make it fit their maximum book length. I was crushed!

The final result, with careful cutting, still garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly. But there were some significant changes -- one in particular -- that really bothered me.

Eventually, I left the book's original publisher, and both the first book in the series, Surrender, and Untamed went out of print. I thought that was the end of the series. I got emails almost every day from readers eager for Connor's story, but I didn't know what to tell them.

Fortunately, Berkley stepped in and bought the entire series, which meant I got a second chance at both Surrender and Untamed. Both have new (historically accurate!) covers. Both have fresh edits where I had a chance to tweak scenes and language. And those 25-plus pages? They've been restored.

I am so happy to share the book with you as I wrote it.

As for Connor's book, watch for Defiant in July 2012.

And thanks for your support! Your devotion to this series helped to keep it alive.


Pamela Clare 


Entries close on 22 December 2011 and randomly drawn Lucky Winner will be announced on 23 December 2011 here at Lady Jayne's Reading Den and will also be advised via email.


1. Share about this Giveaway AND about the upcoming re-release of Untamed by Pamela Clare on 3 January 2012 on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads or your Blogs.

2. Leave a comment here to let me know how you shared this (and so I know who has entered).

3. If you are not comfortable to share your email details here, please email me those details so that I can let you know when the winner is announced. 

My email is: ladyjaynesreadingden@yahoo.com 


1. Must be a member of Lady Jayne's Reading Den.

2. Must be from one of the ~100 countries that The Book Depository ships free to. See list of eligible countries here:

PRIVACY: Your privacy is very important to me. When you enter a giveaway and give your personal information, be assured that this information is not shared with anyone else and will not be used to contact you in any other way than to notify you if you win or to deliver your prize. 

For more chances to WIN copies of SURRENDER AND UNTAMED BY PAMELA CLARE, my very lovely friend, BLITHELY BOOKISH, who has a wonderful Blog, is also having an Amazing first time Giveaway with more than one copy of these books to be won, plus one signed copy by Pamela Clare!!! It closes on 24 December 2011. Pamela Clare's books are not to be missed! To enter please click on the link below:



  1. Jayne, is that ok if I enter to this giveaway?? I twitted it the blog anyway ^_^ Having a couple of friends to check this blog out. (they are loving the eye-candy, thats for sure.)

  2. Hi Autumn, Oh yes, there's no rule that if you've won before that you can't enter other giveaways! LOL Thanks for spreading the word and glad people are enjoying the eye-candy. ^_^

    Good luck for the Giveaway!!

  3. Twittered and Facebooked, Jayne!! I'll be spreading the word for you!

  4. Thank you so much, Blithely Bookish! I've added the plug to your Pamela Clare Book Giveaway, as I didn't want people to miss out on Pamela Clare's amazing books and also a chance to visit your wonderful Blog, my dear friend! Happy Holidays, my dear!!!

  5. Hey, Jayne!! Love your blog! I just joined:) I tweeted and FB'd about the giveaway here and PC's rerelease of this series. I'll try to get the word out for you as much as I can!!

    Great giveaway, woman! Happy Holidays to you and your family (including your *gorgeous*, adorable kitty, Tookie:)!!!


  6. I love your blog. I tweeted this. I hope you have a happy holiday!

  7. I stopped myself from reading UNTAMED because I knew that Pamela was going to be rewriting it to make it the right way again. So this will be the first time reading it!! I can't wait!

    Twitted for ya, hun!

    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  8. Hi, jayne!! I love your blog, and I FB'd about giveaway here, i know this giveaway from my friend in FB. Thank you for amazing giveaway, i can't wait to read it!!

    filiafantasy AT gmail DOT com

  9. @Elizabeth, Shelly B and Filia: Thank You for the lovely comments about my blog, Warm Welcome to my Den, and Thank You so much for spreading the news about Pamela Clare's re-release of Untamed!

    @Elizabeth: Aww...Thanks for the holiday wishes to my "baby", too! Yes, I adore my Tookie and she adores my books...a bit too much, such that she gave some love bites! Darn! LOL

    @Annie: Welcome back and thanks for tweeting!

    Good Luck to You All and Happy Holidays!!! ^_^

  10. Hi! Just found your blog thanks to Blithely Bookish and love it! I adore Pamela's books and I'm so looking forward to reading the new versions (and, of course, can't wait for Defiant).
    I tweeted about it.
    Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays to you and your family and kitty! :)

    claudigc at msn dot com

  11. Hi Jayne,

    new follower here ;)

    thank you for this giveaway and shared on twitter


  12. I can't wait for Untamed(and Defiant) come out,I just finished Surrender and am so excited to continue into this world! Love Pamela's writing,can't get enough of it!

    I tweeted as @Landipan

    Have an awesome holiday!

  13. Have posted about it to Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/RachelDaven I read the original version of Surrender, but haven't read Untamed at all yet. Really looking forward to it!

  14. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway. I have shared it on facebook:


  15. Hi Claudia, Eli Yanti, Landin, Rach and Lauren B, Thanks for spreading the word! Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!! ^_^