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Friday, December 2, 2011

REVIEW: Amethyst Heat by Laura Hunsaker (FREE Short Story)

 4 of 5 Stars

What a beautiful short story by Laurie Hunsaker!

It’s strange to say that I knew Laurie “The Highland Hussy” on Goodreads before she became a published author. I even ordered a copy of her book, Highland Destiny, all the way from Australia, not just to support her writing endeavours, but because I was truly curious to read something penned by such a lovely and fun person. I haven’t as yet read Highland Destiny, but I have now read this short story, Amethyst Heat, and I was so pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it! I’m not one who enjoys being critical, as anyone who has read my reviews would know, so, I was truly hoping (shivering in my knickers) that I really would appreciate Laurie’s writing. I need not have worried, because if her novel is anything like this short story, I’ll like it very much!

Amethyst Heat will only take you a few minutes to read, but it will take you a lot longer to forget or stop imagining more about it. Within those few minutes, I was captivated and drawn into Meg’s and Kade’s story and wanted to read more! I love the cover art for Amethyst Heat!! Kade… Mmmm… sexy, green-eyed kilt wearer! *fans self*

Amethyst Heat is a story about an amethyst ring, sexy men in kilts (should have led with that, right? LOL), time travel, and a fated love. Can we have more please, Laurie???

The reason I'm giving it 4-Stars is because it was much too short. ^_^

You can read Amethyst Heat for FREE here at New Concepts Publishing:

Disclosure and Disclaimer: I have disclosed any potential conflict of interest in relation to my acquaintance with Laura Hunsaker and swear that I have not been coerced in any way or received any enticements, remunerations etc. to write this review. This is merely my honest opinion.

And because I needed to look at Kade all enlarged...*coughs* ^_^

I really wish this was a paperback cover so I could lick admire it better!

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