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Reading Candy

  The "Reading Candy Corner" presents 
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Lady Jayne's Reading Den began on 8th of April 2011. So, as my very first month of "Reading Candy", of course, I have to feature my No. 1 on my "Laminated List" (reference from the TV show FRIENDS)... my darling, Henry Cavill! Isn't he beautiful?


The delectably sexy, Jensen Ackles. Mmm... Mmmm.... Also on my "laminated list".You can read my "footnotes" any day, Jensen. ^_~

Daniel Henney a.k.a Agent Hottie... I mean, Agent Zero.


Josh Holloway a.k.a the ruggedly sexy Sawyer on Lost.   
I wouldn't mind getting lost with him! 
He's a "Desert Island Keeper"!

More to come....


  1. Can't wait to see him as Superman! :D

  2. @Ren: I know! I'm so happy to finally see him getting the acting opportunities he missed out on before. He is such a great actor. I just LOVE him!

  3. A great start to your candy corner.

    It's a shame he missed on on the part of Edward, I can just see him in this role; he's quite dreamy.

    He'll be the perfect Superman.

  4. Sorry, Sharon, I only just saw your comment! The notification somehow got lost in all my GRs notifications.

    Yes, younger Henry Cavill will always be my image of Edward Cullen. And I can't wait to see him as Superman! ^_^

  5. Glad you enjoyed them, Autumn! ^_^ I've just realised that I've been neglecting my "reading candy". Must hunt more down! LOL