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  1. A wonderful blog! we are GR friends..

    Love your reviews & I am sooo jealous you have read Breaking Point ;)


  2. Hi Sharon! Nice to "see" you here. ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed my Reading Den and thank you for your comment about my reviews.

    I see you have a blog, too! Thank you for sharing your link. I've become very interested in checking out my GRs friends' blogs ever since I was bitten my the "blog bug" about 1 1/2 weeks ago (hard to believe it's only been that long!).

    I've just had a quick look at your blog and I love the look of your page. Will have a better browse around when I get the chance. Thank you again for letting me know about your blog!

    And only about 2 weeks more till Breaking Point is released! WOOT! ^_^

  3. I'm just stopping by to say a quick hello!

  4. Hi UM! I've missed you! Thanks for dropping by! *blows kisses*

  5. Awew! You have such a cute blog,I love it! I'm dropping by to show some lovin,sorry I didn't come sooner =)

  6. Aww, thanks for the lovin', Elena! *Hugs* Love your new blog!

  7. Hello Jayne,

    This is Amanda from KL, Malaysia.
    Do you still remember me?

    What can i say...you have such a great blog,

  8. Hi Amanda!

    Great to "see" you here. Long time no "see". Of course I still remember you! LOL

    Thank you so much for your comment about my blog! And please do come and visit often and chat with me when you get a chance, okay? ^_^

  9. Hi Jayne!

    We are GR friends! So just dropping by like I said I would. ;)

  10. Hi JulesAmes!

    Thanks for dropping by! ^_^

  11. Hi!
    Ive never read a blog or commented on one of these so I hope this works. I came across your blog as you do most things on the internet, google a subject and go off on crazy tangents. It is AMAZING. I have read The Bronze Horseman trilogy and agree they belong in the "I cant believe I haved lived this long and had no idea this book existed" list. I havent had a chance to read all your reviews (I got too excited and wanted to write this even though it's 1am here and I have three small children to get up to in a few hours)but have you read the Outlander/Cross Stitch series by Diana Gabaldon? They are the size of a small bible with tiny text and there are 7 in the series (so far) but they are an "experience", they definately belong on the list :) *Sigh* Tatiana and Alexander, Claire and Jamie no wonder us girls love a love story...

  12. Hi LeeC27! Thank You so much for your comment! It really made my day! I hope you weren't too exhausted from your late night.

    OMG, LeeC27! I'm reading Cross Stitch/Outlander RIGHT NOW! How funny is that! LOL I'm on page 178 now. It hasn't grabbed me by the throat, from the beginning, the way that The Bronze Horseman did, but the infamous Jamie Fraser has already done something gallant and I'm beginning to understand all the sighing and swooning over him. And while all this herbology info is interesting and all, I'd like more Jamie. SOON, I hope! ^_^

  13. LeeC27, By the way, out of curiosity, what subject were you googling to find my blog? Was it The Bronze Horseman, by any chance? ^_^

  14. Hi Lady Jayne!
    Wow that is uncanny! Stay with it, it can be a bit slow going in parts and there is SOOO much detail but every sentence has a reason behind it that pops up later in the book. I loved Alexander and Tatiana in BH but prefer Claire as she is such a strong female character.
    I was playing around with names for my business and Lady Jayne always sounded sophisticated and glamorous. (I was given a pink Lady jayne comb when I was 7 and loved it so much I added Jayne to my middle name. I used it all the time until I was old enough for a bank account and realised it wasnt a very good idea to have a name that didnt match my birth certificate. Try explaining that to all the family and friends who thought Ricky-Jayne was actually part of your name.) I googled "Lady jayne"" to see what kind of images people associated with the name (lots of hair brushes) and your picture of the couple in the water struck me as really beautiful. And thats how I found you! haha

    Ps Google it, keep scrolling down and theres a bit of man candy in a kilt. Enjoy!

  15. Hi LeeC27, Oh, my! How funny is that about your Lady Jayne comb! Have a read of my "The Lady Jayne Story" on the right hand side, after "Blog Archive", "Labels" and a pic of my kitty? Haha. My name IS Jayne and that story is the reason for my choice of "Lady Jayne" as my online name. I'm not surprised about all the pics of combs and hairbrushes, since it is a hair product brand.

    Oh, yes, I love that pic of the couple in the water. Very beautiful and sexy. Have you read Meredith Duran's The Duke of Shadows? If not, knowing how you love intense historicals with beautifully described settings, I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the tip about the man candy in a kilt, Lee! Mmmm...Mmmmm... ^_^ LOL

    I see that a lot of the lovely images that have inspired my reading and reviews are there when one googles "Lady Jayne". I never would have known that! Not thinking to google "myself", after all. Haha.

  16. I have now added Mr Cheeky Kilt-Wearer to my folder of...uhmm...candy recipes. ^_~ LOL Thank you so much, LeeC27!

  17. What a welcoming site you're created here!

  18. Thank you, Glenn Kleier! Sorry I missed this comment earlier!