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Friday, April 8, 2011

REVIEW: Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

3.5-4 of 5 Stars - (Read September 2010) 

(Plot points mentioned deal with aspects contained in the book blurb)

Is it just guppy love or a love as deep as the ocean?

Yes, I have been indoctrinated from all the puns in this book. ^_^ The sea puns and mermaid fish slang were a little jarring, at first, but son of swordfish (as Lily would say), once I got into the flow I was all bubbly smiley reading them, and at times even chuckling. Though I can see how the steady stream of puns could be annoyingly corny and induce seasickness if one wasn’t partial to them.

Forgive My Fins is a cute, fun, quick and easy read. This is the first book I’ve read by Tera Lynn Childs. It was also my first mermaid story, other than The Little Mermaid. So, I can’t compare it to any other YA mermaid books out there, but I did like the different twist from the Little Mermaid.

Almost 18-year old Lily Sanderson, half-mermaid, half-human, has been secretly in love with Brody Bennett, swim champion, for 3 years.  Quince Fletcher, on the other hand, has been nothing but an obnoxious, annoying blowfish of a biker-boy neighbour and definitely NOT Lily’s idea of a dream mermate.

When a case of mistaken ‘kisstaken’ identity at the Spring Fling ends up accidentally magically “bonding” Lily to Quince, Lily must reveal her secret to him and take him to her ocean home to meet Daddy dearest in the underwater kingdom of Thalassinia, to reverse this mistake of tsunami proportions.  Brody is the one that Lily wants to spend happily-ever-after under the sea with! *cue Under the Sea music*

I really liked Quince, from the beginning, and his behaviour towards Lily reminded me of little boys who pull the girl they like’s pigtails to get their attention. Quince’s teasing manner, Lily’s fiery reactions to him, and him calling Lily “princess”, also reminded me of the sparks between Han Solo and Princess Leia, which I love.

One of the issues I had though, were the number of times Lily kept referring to “the bond”. I understood it was to show Lily being in denial about any attraction she was developing towards Quince, the bane of her existence, and blaming it on the effects of “the bond”, but after a while it just felt like Ms Childs was hitting the reader over the head with a baby whale with it. Ironically, the other issue I had was in relation to what I felt was a bit of a plot hole regarding mermaid bonding.

Despite those issues, however, I found myself smiling a lot reading this book, got a few yummy shivers, and definitely had a big smile on my face when I reached the end.  If you are looking for a deep read then swim away from this one, but if you’re looking for something buoyant then dip your toes into this sweet and innocent tail…Oops! I mean “tale”. ^_^

(If the puns in this review annoyed you, then you should probably steer clear of Forgive My Fins!)

A few of my fave quotes:

‘"I don't believe it,” Quince says with absolute certainty. “I don't believe anything magical can make someone more in love.” 
He looks me right in the eye as he says, “Love is already the strongest magic in the world."’
‘"Oh, Lily," He says shaking his head. "I know about love. About wanting and dreaming and wishing with every part of your soul. I know enough to recognize the parts that are real and the parts that are only in my fantasy." He turns his head slightly to face me, and I find myself saying, "L-like what?"
"Like when she cries and my heart tears into little shreds, and all I can think of is making her forget the source of her sadness." His face is blank, emotionless. His words - and the underlying emotion bombarding me through the bond - more than make up for it. "That's real."
My voice is barely a whisper when I ask, "And fantasy?"
"Believing she'll ever feel the same way."
"When he pulls back, his eyes glow with the love I know is shining inside. I’m sure my eyes are glowing just as bright, because I can feel the tears of joy sliding down my cheeks.
For several long minutes, we just smile at each other. I’m sure we look like stupidly in love teenagers – to Aunt Rachel and whoever else happens to be watching – but we know the truth. There’s nothing stupid about it."
"Lord love a lobster, he has a beautiful chest."

(Just had to toss that one in there! And it’s relevant to my visualisations below) LOL

Below is how I saw the characters, while reading - 
My Lily (Taylor Swift) and Quince (Cam Gigandet):


  1. Sounds like a cutesy-romantic book! I do like those ones ; ) Great pick with Taylor Swift, she'll fit into the 'tale'.

  2. Are these the actors for the movie because if so I will deFINitely come to sneek a SWIRL at it

  3. @Mel: Sorry I missed your comment earlier! Yes, it's a cutesy, romantic tale! ^_^

    @Anonymous: LOL! Great puns. No, I'm not aware of any movie being made for this book. These are just my images of the characters as I read the book.

  4. I loved this book but I could never picture Lily with her hair, great pick with Taylor Swift. Now I finally have an image of her in my head! There are two more books now: Fins Are Forever along with Just For Fins.

  5. I read the first book. I want to see the movie!!!

  6. I read the firt book now I´m reading the second! The book is awesome and Quince is soooo handsome! I really like when he kissed her first time and all the other kisses to! I want to see the movie but i am afraid that the movie will be bad or somthing! :)


  7. Hi Maria and Andrea,

    Thanks for your comments. This was such a cute and fun book.

    The pics were just the images I had in my head as I read. I'm not aware on any movie being made of this, though. I checked Tera Lynn Childs' website and it doesn't appear that there are any movies in the works. Check out her FAQs: