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Saturday, April 9, 2011

REVIEW: Extreme Exposure (#1, I-Team) by Pamela Clare

5 of 5 Stars - Read October 2010

I decided on an interview format as inspired by the I-Team...


Q: Do you usually read Romantic Suspense and is this your first time reading Pamela Clare’s work?

A: I used to read quite a bit of Romantic Suspense, mostly of the murder mystery variety in the works of Linda Howard, Kay Hooper, Tami Hoag and Iris Johansen. I haven’t read Romantic Suspense/Crime Thrillers in almost 3 years – since a family member of mine was murdered. For some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to read books in this genre after that.

BUT….I kept seeing great reviews and comments about Pamela Clare’s I-Team series through my Goodreads friends, and I decided it was time I stopped being such a wuss and read this genre again. I mean, it’s not like there hasn’t been violence in the PNRs, Fantasy, Historical Romances and some YA I’ve read!

I want to say THANKS to my Goodreads friends who recommended this series (special mention to UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~*, Zosia and new_user)! Yes, this is my first read of Pamela Clare’s writing and I must say that I really enjoyed it!! It was suspenseful, funny, romantic, steamy, and informative!

*Interviewer thinks to self: Wow! And that was only the first question! We’ll be here all night!*
*Discreetly clears throat*

Q: So, tell me, what did you think of Extreme Exposure?

*Oohhh, maybe I shouldn’t have asked that question! Too open ended! Ah, too late!*

A: As I said, I used to read murder mystery type Romantic Suspense, usually involving law enforcement, so I really enjoyed reading a Romantic Suspense involving a team of investigative reporters. It was something different from what I had read previously.

I really appreciated the detail and insight into investigative journalism. Pamela Clare, having worked as an investigative reporter and editor-in-chief for two newspapers, clearly drew from that experience in writing this book, which gave this book a realism and authenticity.

With my own background working within the legislative process in Government in Australia, I found the legislative aspects in Extreme Exposure interesting, and appreciated seeing the differences and similarities between the Colorado and South Australian systems. One aspect that threw me, though, was of Senator Reece Sheridan “editing” the bills he would be introducing into session. I’m thankful that I got to chat with Pamela Clare, herself, and ask her some questions about the bill process in Colorado for clarification. She was really friendly and approachable and I really appreciated her taking the time to chat with me. Thanks so much again, Pamela!

Q: What are your thoughts on the characters?

A: I really liked Kara McMillan, the heroine, an investigative reporter with the environmental beat. She’s a very dedicated journalist and single mother of 4 year-old, Connor, struggling to balance her work with being a mother. She’s been burnt in love by Connor’s father. Kara finds herself swept away by Senator Reece Sheridan’s charm, but she’s extremely cautious of getting into a serious relationship, for Connor’s sake, and also to protect herself from vulnerability. She’s independent and strong, but sweet, as well. Yeah, I really liked her.

And Senator Reece Sheridan? Whoo Weee!! *fans self* That man is HOT!! LOL I mean, I haven’t met a politician like him in my own work, much to my dismay, but I’m certainly thankful he exists in this book and in my mind now. *grins* Thanks to Pamela Clare for creating him. I loved Reece! He’s confident, sweet, he not only cooks but he cooks well *sighs*, he's good with kids, is incredibly sexy and is a a take charge but giving man in the bedroom (and elsewhere! ^_^). I love that he’s really a teacher at heart, and became a legislator to put his words into action. I mean, he’s not a man who hasn’t made mistakes, but he’s a politician with integrity.

And when Kara and Reece get together, dang, is it HOT!!! - Not just sparks flying but it’s a flaming inferno!! LOL

Q: What are your most memorable moments from the book?

A: Hmm…I’ll try to not to give away spoilers. I thought the opening chapter and Kara’s risqué talk to Reece at the restaurant, after one too many margaritas, was hilarious, though mortifying for her! It immediately drew me into the book!

Another funny and memorable scene involved an embarrassing moment with Kara’s son Connor, Reece and … something purple. LOL That’s all I’ll say.

And I brought a pic for my other memorable moment:

Q: A mountain lion pouncing in the snow?? *raises eyebrow*

A: *smiles* Anyone who has read the book will know what I’m talking about. And for those who haven’t read the book, well, read it to find out!! ^_^

Q: Who would you cast as Reece and Kara?

A: Well, I immediately saw Patrick Wilson, in my mind while reading, as Reece, because I think he has that handsome senator air to him, and is also believable as a teacher-turned-legislator. Though, I imagine his hair lighter than in these pictures, as he’s described as having conservatively cut dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Plus, I really like his smile. *sighs, goofy grin on face* Sorry, I developed a bit of a crush on Patrick Wilson... after watching Watchmen, even though he played a slightly pudgy washed-out superhero in that, and my crush grew stronger in Little Children, where he played a sexy Mr. Popular Jock turned stay-at-home dad.... so, I’m afraid I have a quite a few illustrative shots of him as my Reece.

My Reece (Patrick Wilson)

A: And for Kara, she was described as having beautiful long dark hair and green-gold eyes, and Jennifer Connelly immediately came to mind. I was pleased to find a photo of her which reminded me of a scene of Kara in the book. 
My Kara (Jennifer Connelly)
And there's even a scandalous photo of the two of them:

And now I'm just as exhausted as they look, from all the asking and answering of questions and researching visual aids! ^_^

*Interview ceased to go dream of yummy senators and tortured undercover agents*

Editor’s Note:

Here’s a special montage of Reece’s (Patrick Wilson’s) ass-ets ^_~:

**WARNING: Not Safe For Work!!!**

Reece's Assets


  1. Wow wee!! Panas! Panas pics! haha

    Love your interview format review. But aghh, you're not giving out too much about the storyline haha
    Wow, you've met the writer, did she come to Adel?

  2. Hi Mel! So Sorry I missed this comment before! Oh, yes, well, you'll just have read it then! ^_^

    No, Mel, I've never met Pamela Clare in person. I "met" her through Goodreads. She's a really lovely person and a great writer. I'm sure you'll love her books as much as I do.