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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Beautiful Autumn Day in the Adelaide Hills

It's Autumn! I love Autumn colours
Yesterday, my hubby and I spent a lovely afternoon in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I'm so thankful to him for getting me out of the house on a Saturday. 

Every week I say I want to go out and do something - do my amateur photography,  shop for winter shoes, get a haircut, etc. but for most weekends this year, all I want to do is to just stay at home. I just want to read a book, watch our TV shows, take naps, and spend time on Goodreads.
But yesterday was such a lovely, sunny Autumn day. It was 24C (75.2F). So we took a drive up to the Adelaide Hills. We had a lovely lunch, and then we drove around and enjoyed the colours of the beautiful Autumn leaves with the browns, oranges, reds and yellows. We drove through the township of Stirling and its surrounds and stopped at some places to take some photos. 

The township of Stirling, Adelaide Hills, South Australia.
The Stirling Police Station.

Someone's beautiful driveway.
A photo I took of hubby taking photos. ^_^
But the photos below are my favourite photos out of the ones that I took on our outing... when I was trying to take some artistic shots... 
A tree in the carpark where we had lunch.

This first photo above has not been edited in any way. The colours are so rich, vibrant and cheerful. This picture makes me smile. I loved that the sun was shining down, that there was a cloud in the background, and loved the yellow (with little bits of orange) leaves, changing with the season, among the red berries, green leaves and the bright blue sky. I took quite a few shots of that tree. I'm sure the patrons outside the hotel wondered what the heck I was so fascinated with. *LOL* This one is my favourite of all the shots of this tree, in terms of composition and colours. 
Loved the colours and shapes of all the leaves.
This second shot (above), I adjusted the colour saturation slightly, just to make the colours a little bit richer, so that it was more representative of what I saw with my naked eye. I loved the colours and shapes of the leaves that I saw on the ground, especially that heart shaped one on the bottom. I love heart shapes! And some of the leaves looked golden! I love this shot. It makes me feel warm and... intrigued ... by the different shapes and things I can spot in the shot. The shot below is a zoomed out one of this. I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so I posted both! ^_^ I like how the one below is framed by the rocks and some long leaves on the left. This one has not been edited.
Zoomed out shot of the leaves on the ground.
SO, thank you so much, my darling hubby, for pushing me to take a trip to the hills! It was a beautiful day - A moment where I was happy to be alive, loving LIFE with the one I love, and enjoying the beauty in nature.

Please do share any Autumn photos you have! I'd love to see them.

"A woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, 
in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a 
dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart." 
 ~ Hal Borland

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
~ Albert Camus


  1. That's so pretty, Jayne. I love the colors of Autumn.

  2. Lovely! Do native Australian trees — like gum trees and eucalyptus and such — turn color, too, or are they in parts of Australia that don't have a true autumn. Are there parts of Australia that stay warm all year? I guess I should ask that first.

  3. Very pretty, Jayne! You've got an excellent eye for taking photographs and making every inch of the image visually captivating!

    Great job!

  4. Beautiful photos, Jayne! Sounds like a wonderful day! I WILL make it to Australia some day and see all that loveliness up close and in person. :)

  5. I'm so sorry to the folks who viewed this earlier. It looks like my formatting had got all screwy with the text and photos, from what I had last night! It looked all weird on my work computer. I've reformatted it and hopefully it doesn't look messy on your screens now.

  6. @Catherine: Yes. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.

    @UM: Thanks, sweetie! I discovered I had "the eye" on my Round the World Trip in 2009. I kept saying that I wanted to do more photography after that but have been very slack, actually. I get inspired by the beautiful canvas of God's artwork in nature.

    @Nissie: Thank you! Yes, you MUST come visit!

  7. @Pamela: Ooohh... I love Geography questions! ^_^

    No, Pamela, the native Australian trees like gum trees and eucalyptus trees don't really change colour. In fact, I think they don't even shed all their leaves. They do shed some leaves though. There are quite a lot of trees that just stay green but just become a bit sparser in Autumn and Winter.

    The northern parts of Australia, that are closer to the Equator, like Darwin and Northern Queensland, don't really have Autumn. The climate there is more tropical. I haven't been to the island of Tasmania, which is further south to South Australia, but I suspect it would be quite stunning there. Tasmania is the coldest place in Australia … well, other than the mountain ranges in New South Wales and Victoria where the snowfields are in Winter.

  8. Beautiful photos, Jayne. Stirling looks like a lovely township. I'm trying to recall if I've ever been to the Adelaide Hills, but I'm drawing a blank. Is that anywhere near Hahndorf (if that's the right name - you'll know the german town I mean)?

  9. Thanks, Quinn! Yes, that right. The German village of Hanhdorf. Hahndorf is in the Adelaide Hills. It is further up from Stirling. I take it you've been to Hanhdorf? Most visitors to Adelaide would have gone there.

  10. Lovely photos Jayne. Glad you had a wonderful day:)

  11. Thank you, KatLynne! Yes, it really was a magical day. ^_^