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Friday, January 25, 2013

My Photoetry: Opening the Doors Within

This poem is dedicated to all who are brave enough to open the doors within themselves.

~*~Opening The Doors Within~*~

I walked through the hallways of my mind,
Searching and searching for something… 
Something I felt I needed to find.

There were many doors,
I saw along the corridors,
But when I tried to open them,
Some would open, but some were jammed;
Some were locked up tight,
And staring at those sealed doors,
Something just didn’t feel right.

In the ones that could open easily,
I could peer in and see,
All those wonderful memories,
Of times when I was happy.

In the rooms where the doors
Were rather stuck,
There were echoes of times,
When I was a little down on my luck.

As I passed the doors,
Through which I could not see,
I wondered and wondered…
Where would I find the keys?
Did I even want to know,
What was on the other side?
Perhaps it was better to leave,
Whatever was there to continue to hide.

One thing I have learned of Life,
To find peace in the midst of strife,
Is that peace actually comes from within,
And being comfortable within my own skin.

But I am not brave enough yet,
To open all the portals;
What can I say?
I am a mere mortal;
So, one day, maybe,
When I am truly ready,
I’ll obtain the keys,
To allow me to fully see…. ME.

~ By Jayne Michellane a.k.a. Lady Jayne, February 2009.
Photo taken 25 August 2012. 

"Until God opens the next door for you,
praise Him in the hallway."
~ Author Unknown. ♥

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