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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Photoetry: Mercurial Calm

Mercurial Calm

Ever feel like just when
You think you’re calm and in control,
And a careless word or act 

Just rips up your soul?

That calm you thought you’d cultivated
Was actually as unstable as mercury;
And just like that, from coping,
You’re drowning again in misery.

Like a slight disturbance to a pond’s surface
Causes ripples that resonate all around,
Even the slightest of prodding,
Causes a pain so intense, it’s the only sound.

The sound of your pounding heart,
Roaring in your ears;
The sound of the wretched sobs,
Torn out of you with your tears.

So how to find a calm that isn’t mercurial?
That’ll keep you steady in a storm tossed pond?
All I know is what’s helped me,
And that’s faith and hope in a divine bond.

~ Written by Jayne Michellane a.k.a. Lady Jayne on 30 January 2013. Photo taken on 28 January 2013. 
The water in these shades made me think of mercury, 
and recent events made me think of "Mercurial Calm". 
Then, this poem just poured out.


  1. Jayne, sweetie, I LOVE this! It describes me and the way I feel, perfectly. This happens to me quite often these days and faith and hope in my divine bond is all that holds me together. <3

  2. Aww...BIG HUGS, Nissie, sweetie! ♥ I know you've felt like this, too. I definitely felt like this, yesterday. Just the day before, I thought I was all calm and in control and that was stripped bare in just a moment. Faith and hope in my divine bond holds me together, too, and keeps me going after the storm has passed. Love you, angel! XOXO

  3. Very nice! And it's so true! Sometimes a word or a gesture makes us lose control, even when we think we are calm and relax.

    Love the colors of the pictures. Even if it seems to be only black and white, the whole thing comes out as the grey of mercury :).