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Friday, January 27, 2012

REVIEW: Lover's Leap (#4 Eternity Springs) by Emily March

5 of 5 Stars

This book had one of my favourite quotes quoted in it:
"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love."
~ Washington Irving

It is no secret that I have fallen under the Eternity Springs’ spell, and WOW, I just loved Lover’s Leap!

I’ve been waiting for Sarah Reese’s story since I “met” her in Angels’ Rest. I had sort of expected Sarah to end up with the handsome Sheriff Zach Turner, even though I realised that it was clear that Sarah wasn’t quite over Cameron Daniel Murphy, the “bad boy” of Eternity Springs, a “no good Murphy”, father of her daughter, Lori, and whom she hasn’t seen since they were both teenagers.

Sarah Reese - Businesswoman, Single Mother, Amazing Baker

Twenty years later, Sarah and Lori have won a two week trip of a lifetime to the AMAZING country of Australia. Am I biased? Why, but, of course! LOL

Unfortunately, as Sarah and Lori were about to head off on their Great Barrier Reef tour, who do they run into on a boat halfway across the world? Well, none other than sexy, green-eyed Cam Murphy!

Cam has beautiful mountain green eyes, which Lori inherited.

Despite the wonderful holiday they had up until that moment, Sarah and Lori flee Australia to return home to Eternity Springs after they shockingly come face-to-face with Cam and his son Devin. Both Sarah and Lori were hurt to see Cam with a son almost Lori’s age.

Cam was equally stunned to see Sarah and Lori, and was wounded that they ran away from him. He decides to return to Eternity Springs, the town that brought him pain and unfair judgment, the town which turned their backs on him when he needed help, because he wanted to right his wrongs and make-up for all the years he missed with Lori. In the process, he realises that he isn’t over Sarah.

I loved seeing Cam and Sarah’s second chance. I didn’t have a high opinion of Cam, before I read this book, for leaving Sarah to raise Lori all alone. I ended up loving Cam, though, and really felt for him as I saw his side of the story. Cam’s demons run deep. I ached for him and Sarah, and was cheering for them to work things out and have their HEA.

As per the previous Eternity Springs books, though, we get a closed door to Cam’s and Sarah’s love scenes. So, I just had to use my imagination with sexy Cam.

Mmmmmm.... ^_^

I also ached for Lori. It was a difficult and emotional situation for all involved. I loved how understanding Devin was about Cam wanting to know Lori.

One thing that I’ve come to realise after reading this book right after Give Me the Slip under the author’s pseudonym of Geralyn Dawson (which is connected to Gabe Callahan of this series), is that this author’s characters can really go for the jugular when they are expressing their anger. It’s something I find difficult to read. In this case, it didn’t come from the hero or heroine, as it has in other books, but from their daughter, Lori. While I understood that Lori was having a really difficult time, her incredibly hurtful words made me cry for Cam… and Sarah. Even in anger, how could Lori say such things to her mother, who had done so much for her? And Cam was really trying hard to make-up for all the lost years… My heart just broke for him for what Lori said and because he had believed he was unworthy of Sarah and Lori.

I loved seeing Nic and Gabe Callahan and their kids and what wonderful friends they were to both Sarah and Cam.

I ADORED Mortimer, the Boston Terrier, and dubbed “The Boston Terrorist”! Of course, if I had a dog like that, who ran amok all over town, I’d probably be pulling my hair out, too. LOL I loved Cam so much for taking Mortimer on!

Mortimer, "The Boston Terrorist"
Awww...Poor Mortimer!
Image credit: Jessica's (bleunoko's) photo of her dog, Rylie,
initially posted on lolcatz.
Awesome photo!

Once again, the magic of Eternity Springs, or more precisely, the beauty of the surrounds of Eternity Springs, some of its amazing citizens (including the four-legged ones), and mostly, the blessed Celeste Blessing, work their healing touch on these broken hearts.

THANK YOU, Emily March, for another moving Eternity Springs story and for another adorable dog character! Mortimer almost stole the show! ^_^

I’m looking forward to Jack Davenport’s story in Nightingale Way, next! I’m also looking forward to Zach Turner’s story, which I hope will be in the near future, as I really loved how he was with Cam and just what a great guy he is. I’m eager/curious/anxious for his HEA.

- My Sarah – Carla Gugino
- My Cam – Greg Vaughn

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