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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

REVIEW: Give Him the Slip (#1 Callahan Brothers) by Geralyn Dawson

3.5 of 5 Stars

Hmm… I’m disappointed to say that Give Him the Slip, the first Callahan Brothers book by Geralyn Dawson, did not captivate me the way her Eternity Springs series, written under the pseudonym of Emily March, did. Angel’s Rest, the first book in the Eternity Springs seriesis John Gabriel Callahan (Gabe Callahan’s) story and was one that really grabbed me.

The four Callahan Brothers of Brazos Bend, Texas - Matthew, Mark and Luke (the twins) and John Callahan - were known as the “Holy Terrors” from their mischievous childhood. After their mother died tragically, however, and their father, Branch Callahan, fell into a neglectful depression, they went out of control. A drunken, careless act, in their teens, caused a fire which burned down a factory (the biggest employer) in town. Branch Callahan disowned and banished his sons from their home following that incident.

The four brothers grew up to be worthy men, but they never forgave their father. Not so much for what he did by banishing them when they were young, but for what they felt he didn’t do when their brother John was kidnapped, and which led to his death.

Having read the Eternity Springs series and the free novella A Callahan Carol, first, I was surprised that this event regarding John had already occurred from the get-go of the Callahan series. I had been under the impression that readers got a chance to “know” John in this series…which we do, to some extent, through the recollections of his brothers and father.

Maddie "Baby Dagger" Kincaid, whose back-story was sad and made me feel for her, has finally made a home for herself in Brazos Bend. But after discovering some illegal substances in a client’s lake house, another one of her client’s, Branch Callahan, directs her into the path of former DEA agent, Luke “Sin” Callahan.

Sparks flie between Luke and Maddie straight off.

This was an "okay" Romantic Suspense, for me.

I guess my main issue with the book was that Luke seemed to be quite snappy, at times, and he said some mean-ish things to Maddie, which I didn’t like. He apologised for them pretty much immediately after, and he did have his romantic and sexy moments - Oh, yeeaahh…Mmm…Bananas… LOL - but some of the things he said were uncalled for, and were more, it seemed to me, him taking out his issues with his father on Maddie.

And Maddie… well, while I also understand her issues and felt for her, her jumping to conclusions did annoy me a bit.

Mind you, I did read this during a heat wave and had been having headaches, so I might have been grumpier and less forgiving that usual. ^_^

I have seen that some GRs friends enjoyed this series more than the Eternity Springs one. I hold a different view…at this stage.

I do really enjoy how this author, in almost every book I’ve read by her, seems to incorporate some adorable animal characters. Her love of animals shines through and as a fellow animal lover I really appreciate it. I loved “Knucklehead” and the parts of the story relating to the “Oscars”. ^_^

My copy of the latest Eternity Springs book by this author, Lover’s Leap, arrived in the mail this morning. I’m excited to read it!!! Looks like the other two books in this series will have to wait a bit.

Luke "Sin" Callahan

Maddie "Baby Dagger" Kincaid

My Luke - Dominic Figlio
My Maddie - Alicia Witt

The Callahan Brothers Reading Order:

1. Give Him the Slip
2. Never Say Never
3. Always Look Twice

Novella: A Callahan Carol

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