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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inspiration of the Moment: Stretch Yourself

"If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness." 
~ Les Brown 
(American Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker)


I decided to stretch myself this year by joining a camera club. I've had an interest in photography for a while, but this year, my hubby and I decided to join a club - to help develop our photography skills and to share our love of photography with people of like interests. 

The club is holding a competition this Valentine's Day. The set subject is EMOTION: "An image of a person or persons experiencing one of the human emotions, e.g. Love, hate, despair, fear, sorrow, joy, greed, envy, etc." 

The last time I joined a competition was back in school, back in the day when I was such a perfectionist and so competitive that I wouldn't join anything unless I thought I had a chance of winning. It was a very, very bad attitude to have. But now, I am determined to just submit something, and to be willing to accept constructive criticism in order to grow as a photographer. I want to join the competition not to compete but to be involved in the sharing of our art.

This is the image I've decided to submit. I title it "A Joyful Encounter". It was a candid shot I took at an airport and the joy on their faces makes me smile. ^_^


  1. Love the post, Jayne! And the pup! And the photo! I think it's wonderful that you and hubby joined the club and I love your new attitude about competition.

    And I agree with UM...Friendship is wonderful!!!

  2. @UM: Friendship IS wonderful! The blonde one is actually an Australian singer, so I wondered if she knew the other woman or if it was just a fan. But she seems really happy to see her and be hugging her, too, so maybe she's a fan who is also a friend? Whatever it is, I love the expressions on their faces and was glad to capture this moment.

    @Nissie: Than you, Nissie! Yes, isn't the pup adorable? I just want to tickle its belly! LOL Yes, I am determined to get over my insecurities and putting myself out there in the club is good for me to stretch myself. And I'm so happy it is something that hubby and I can do together.

    Thank you both for your wonderful friendships!!! *HUGS* XOXO

  3. I am so happy for you sweet Jaynie!

    I love that you joined to "be involved in the sharing of your art" and how great that you and your husband can do this together! You've come a long way since those school days.

    I keep a collection of quotes and this one is going into my book. I have found it difficult at times to go outside my comfort zone and have to give myself a big old push!

    And your submission is perfect! You did a fantastic job capturing their joy!


    PS...that puppy is adorable:)

  4. Thank you, KatLynne!

    Yes, I'm really happy that hubby and I can do this together. He is such a talented photographer. He takes amazing photos!

    I have come a long way since those school days. It was really the fear of failure, and because I was worried that I could never do things perfectly, that I usually tried to shy away from competitions.

    I collect quotes, too. ^_^ I know, I find going out of my comfort zone so difficult, as well. Next time we both need to stretch ourselves, let's picture that adorable stretching pup, shall we? And let us be brave and "Strrreeeeeettchh..." ^_^