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Thursday, May 24, 2012

REVIEW: Skin Deep (I-Team After Hours #1) by Pamela Clare

5 Stars!

Governor of Romancelandia Declares Pamela Clare Model “Prisoner” But Won’t Release Her

Author, Pamela Clare, made headlines when more readers became confirmed I-Team-oholics after reading Unlawful Contact, the third I-Team book, starring the dangerously gorgeous Marc Hunter and the sweet and strong Sophie Alton (now Hunter).

It was books such as that one that resulted in Ms Clare being charged with the following:
“Charge 1: Causing addiction to a book series through grippingly suspenseful, sensual, emotional, engaging, and thought-provoking writing.

Charge 2: Creating to-die-for heroes who steal hearts, and who induce immense longing for “Unlawful Contact” with said heroes.

Charge 3: Risk to personal safety by writing scenes which induce heart palpitations, breathlessness, sudden swooning, hot flashes and the melting of panties.”

To read the judgement of The People of Romancelandia v Pamela Clare [2010] SCRR 6996 (31 October 2010), click here.

Justice Isabith McHardup of the Supreme Court of Romancelandia found Pamela Clare guilty of all charges and sentenced her to write amazing stories, with to-die-for heroes, for life.

Ms Clare’s recently released, and self-published, I-Team After Hours novella, Skin Deep, featuring Marc Hunter’s baby sister, Megan Hunter, has been a roaring success amongst I-Team-oholics and is just another prime example of Ms Clare’s addictive and satisfying writing.

In a statement released by the Governor of Romancelandia, following the steady flow of raving 5-Star reviews upon the release of Skin Deep, the Governor stated: “Ms Clare has been a model “prisoner” by continuing to write wonderful stories, and thus, I’m afraid I cannot release her from her sentence to do so, for life. Her I-Team-oholics need her stories. Bravo, Ms Clare, for keeping them out of mischief by keeping them happy! And for self-publishing!”

Readers will be delighted with the tightly-written novella which features a scarred heroine and hero – Megan, scarred by the traumas in her past from sexual abuse and addiction; and Nate, a former Marine in Afghanistan, turned Colorado rancher, physically and emotionally scarred from an explosion, while in the service of his country. When Megan’s life is threatened outside the community kitchen she volunteers for, and to which Nate and his father donate ground Angus beef to, Nate comes to the rescue. Thus, begins, a beautiful story of the healing power of love.

Pamela Clare has created yet another to-die-for hero in Nate West who is strong, courageous, protective, honourable, attentive, HOT, tender, patient, kind and understanding. Readers with a weakness for scarred heroes are sure to love him.

Former Marine, Nate West, while on leave at Cimarron Ranch, before the explosion

The right side of Nate's face and body were severely burnt in Afghanistan

Lady Jayne, the complainant in Ms Clare’s trial in 2010, had this to say about Skin Deep: “While the relationship did develop quickly, I loved how Nate tenderly and sensually, with such understanding and great perceptiveness, awakened Megan’s desires, and helped her heal from the traumas of her past. From their sweet,  kisses, sizzling explorations, and the trust they had in baring their souls and bodies to each other, which was significant given both their scars… It was just beautiful! Even though time-wise it may have been fast, it didn’t feel rushed to me, at all, but made complete sense. I loved how Megan saw beyond Nate’s disfigurement, and saw the precious hero within. My chest tightened when she kissed his burn scars. I just loved honourable and brave Nate and it was so wonderful to see Megan get her happily-ever-after with a worthy hero, after all she'd been through! Nate was just wonderful with Megan's daughter, Emily, and so was his dad, Jack - Aww...” 

Sweet, willowy redhead, Megan Hunter, gets her HEA

Megan’s daughter, Emily, and Nate’s father, Jack, are also heart-stealers, and the snow-covered Colorado ranch setting made the novella extra special, indeed. 

The West's ranch, Cimarron Ranch, is a picturesque ranch mansion
The Wests take pride and care in their horses and family ranch
Four-year old Emily falls in love with the horses

For a novella, which tend to leave Lady Jayne a bit unsatisfied, due to the short length, “Skin Deep was engaging, hot, sweet, suspenseful, heart-warming and just satisfied on so many levels. It was just SO GOOD! There was nothing lacking in this novella!”

In usual amazing Pamela Clare style, Skin Deep was not only entertaining, but brought to readers’ minds important issues. In this novella, the great service and sacrifices that soldiers make for their country, the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress for soldiers and victims of sexual assault, were highlighted deftly in the story. It is clear that Ms Clare took great pains to portray them with sensitive and thoughtful realism.

While the novella can be read as a stand-alone, as Ms Clare does reveal what happened to Megan in it, it does contain some spoiler-ish content for Unlawful Contact. Lady Jayne said that she would encourage new readers to read the series in order, to truly appreciate the interactions between the characters and their stories.

If you haven’t read the series, START. READING. NOW!

The novella is not all Ms Clare gifted her dedicated readers with. Included with it is a bonus short story titled “Marc and Julian Make a Beer Run”, which features all the past I-Team heroes and heroines, and while it dealt with a scary but all too real issue, was also humorous and an enjoyable read.

“I just love the bromance between Marc and Julian. Heck, I love the way all the guys relate to each other! And that many hotties packed into one great short story? YOWZA, SWOONS!” squealed Lady Jayne.

She admitted to being very happy to see Reece, from Extreme Exposure, the first book in the series, featured in this short story, as she said she hardly sees him and he has a special place in her heart. Though, Marc Hunter is the one who has truly stolen her heart away.

It is no wonder that the Governor refuses to release Ms Clare. Though, considering that Ms Clare is able to serve out her sentence in the beautiful Colorado landscape, and gets to create more swoon-worthy heroes, to warm her and her readers’ days and nights, it’s a sentence she could probably live with.

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  1. Jayne, I absolutely LOVE your reviews! This was fabulous <3

  2. Thank You, Nissie, sweetie! <3 Pamela Clare gave us two fabulous stories to give us fans the necessary fix. ^_^