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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Poetry: The Truth...

The Truth...

The truth, the truth...
Sometimes it's worse
Than pulling out a tooth,
Sometimes it robs us
Of our youth;
The truth, the truth...
Sometimes it can't be said,
Sometimes, it must be bled;
If I could speak it,
Would it set me free?
But then the hurt,
At what cost to thee?
Would I feel better,
But you feel worse?
Would my hiding it,
Be an even worse curse?
The truth, the truth...
Do I swallow it up inside?
Is the same as if I've lied?
Or is it to protect all of us?
Is burying it the least of fuss?
Or is the truth we cannot speak,
Is that what makes us weak?
Under it's burden,
Will we shatter?
Is it in the denying,
Or the utter?
The truth, the truth...
How did it go
From simple to hard?
How did it become
Such a cutting shard?
Is it because my truth
Is not yours, too?
Is there a way
We can see this through?

~ By Jayne Michellane a.k.a Lady Jayne, 10 April 2012

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