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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Poetry: Missing You...

Two days ago marked 5 years since my big brother passed away at the age of 33. This poem is for him, for Jamie.

Missing You…

It’s been a few years now,
Since I’ve heard your voice,
But not hearing it,
Hasn’t been a choice;

It’s been some time since I saw,
The cheeky sparkle in your eyes,
Nestled in a special place in my mind,
This precious memory of you lies;

I gently let them loose,
When I’m missing you,
I clutch them to my heart,
Then I do what I have to do;

I move forward with Life,
As that’s what you’d want,
To embrace Life wholeheartedly,
And not be nonchalant;

You always gave so generously,
You had such a big heart,
Your cheerful Life’s philosophy,
Will be my navigational chart;

I know I was most often times,
The reserved, melancholy one,
While there you were,
Our bright (sometimes annoying :-D) sun;

I look forward to the day,
When I can hug you once again,
To know that we lived Life right,
And we can sing joyfully, Amen!

~ By Jayne Michellane a.k.a Lady Jayne, 6 March 2012


  1. I found it Jayne...just beautiful. Your brother would be so proud of you...correction, I'm sure he's proud of you. You shine so bright, right up to heavens!!

  2. Aww... Thank you for such a lovely and sweet, comment, Karla...Just like you. *Hugs*

  3. Hi my sweet friend!
    I often find myself on your blog, reading your reviews, your poetry and now looking at your amazing photos. Due to my hectic schedule I often enjoy your talents and leave without commenting:)

    I don't know how I missed this wonderful memorial to your brother. It is poignant while still being uplifting and woven throughout is the sadness of your separation yet filled with the hope and knowledge that you will see him again!

    It touched my deeply and I love it Jaynie!!

  4. Kat, dear sweet friend, Thank you for your lovely comment! I understand about having a hectic schedule and understand about not having the time to leave comments. I feel blessed if you have found things that you enjoyed or touched you here on my blog. This blog is like my little haven, but I often times feel a little lonely here. So, your taking the time to drop me a comment means so much! Thank you! ♥

    There is great sadness in my heart at my separation from my brother, but I have hope in my heart, because of my faith, that I will see him once again in the next Life. It moves me that my humble poem touched you the way it did. *HUGS*