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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Poetry - The Hidden Us

Description: The title and contents of this poem are self-explanatory. I can't believe I wrote another poem! Two in a few days of each other is very unusual for me. When I write poetry it usually means I'm in a dark place. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it's true. LOL I have come to realise that God has given me rhymes in my head to help me cope. And writing them allows me to somehow identify my overwhelming emotions and swirling thoughts, so that I can deal with them. My poetry isn't literature, but they always come from my heart and soul. And they always lead me to finding Hope again, even when things seem so bleak. 

The Hidden Us

When people ask each day, "How are you?" 
They don't really want to know that you're blue;
The expected and conditioned response is "Okay",
When that's not really what you mean to say.

But who wants to hear of your dismay?
When they have their own troubles they hide through the day;
People just want to hear that you're "Good",
But things haven't turned out the way you hoped they would.

What happened to all your wonderful plans?
They slipped through your fingers like grains of sand;
Now you can't even remember what they were,
Because Life is passing you by in a blur.

They say you have the power within you to change your life,
But making a change is like cutting yourself with a knife;
You have to surgically remove the things that hold you back,
Like your worries and fears about the things that you lack.

Yet how do you cut out a piece of "YOU"?
Even the things to which you need to say "Adieu"?
The things that have become ingrained in your mind,
Which may also be the things that make you "blind"?

(Written by J.M.A. a.k.a. Lady Jayne, 5 June 2011)


  1. Ohh! yes how beautiful!!! Im crying while patching a wound! Ha, (seriously, im at work now) Im quite a Doc lol!

    thanks so much for this ((((((((huuggs)))))))))

  2. LOL! You are super talented and a great multi-tasker indeed! ^_^ You are very welcome. I had a "feeling" this would resonate with you. *Hugs*