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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

REVIEW: Hummingbird Lake (#2 Eternity Springs) by Emily March

5 of 5 Stars - Read April 2011

I don’t know why it’s been so hard to write this review. Perhaps maybe because every time I try, my heart just aches again for what the character of Sage Anderson went through.

Also, at the back of my mind, I think I worry about misleading anyone in saying how much I LOVED this book. The reason I worry, is that some probably won’t like it as much because they may see this as “Inspirational Romance”. As I said, I loved this, and I personally don’t think it is “preachy”, but we all view things differently. It does mention angels, God and deals with the characters’ faith. Though I’d say that the “Inspirational” aspect is maybe about 10%? of the book. Of course, Statistics wasn’t my favourite subject in Psychology, so don’t rely too heavily on that estimation! LOL

Obviously there may be other reasons why someone won’t love this book as much as I do, but since I’m not psychic, I won’t try to enumerate them.

Anyway, now that is off my mind… ^_^

Hummingbird Lake, like the first book in the Eternity Springs series by Emily March, Angel’s Rest, may seem deceivingly light and sweet due to its pretty pastel cover, but it is emotional and heart-wrenching, and is by the end...uplifting...and as Lisa Kleypas said in her quote: “soul-satisfying”. I love this cover as it has my favourite colour, turquoise/aqua, and has a picture of a house by a lake - my dream house! (Or by the sea is also my dream house).

I love the setting of this series. Emily March does a fantastic job of using just the right amount of descriptive prose to paint the picturesque small town of Eternity Springs, beautiful in all its seasons, with a touch of magic about it or as the tag for the town states: “Eternity Springs - A little piece of heaven in the Colorado Rockies”.

Eternity Springs’ auburn-haired, green-eyed artist and gallery owner, Sage Anderson, lives in a lovely cottage by Hummingbird Lake. Sage was a paediatric surgeon in a former life, but she does not talk about it, not even with her best friends, Nicole Sullivan, Sarah Reese, Celeste Blessing and Ali Timberlake. Sage still wakes up tormented by visions so horrific, that the paintings she produces through the release of her turbulent emotions are hidden away, not to be shared with anyone.

My heart just ached for Sage and I connected with her artistic and tortured soul. While I don’t paint, I write poems out of my darkness. I loved Sage, but there were a few moments when she let her inner b!tch loose, especially when her friends started pushing her about her secrets. I did not like Sage’s reaction, but considering she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), her reaction to the perceived “threat” to the walls she had built to cope was understandable. However, I was also upset with her friends, who while they had good intentions, needed to respect her privacy and boundaries. But what are friends to do when they don't understand why someone is behaving in a not "normal" way? These are not perfect characters, and it made them real and relatable.

Dr. Colt Rafferty, chemical engineer, former college professor and currently a safety investigator working out of Washington D.C. is a brilliant a man. He is also an artist, at heart, though his medium is wood. Super competitive Sage is still a little bitter that Colt won the blue ribbon at the Eternity Springs Summer Arts Festival the previous year, considering he wasn’t even a permanent resident of Eternity Springs, nor present at the festival. Her competitive streak made me smile.

When Colt attends the opening of Celeste Blessings’ healing center and spa, Angel’s Rest, and his hand-carved wooden masterpiece sign is unveiled, Sage is struck with reluctant admiration - for the woodcarving… and the man. 

“Sage watched a tall man dressed in jeans and a blue chambray shirt make his way forward. From her position in the front of the crowd, she noted his long, lean build, wide shoulders, and thick, wavy black hair. When he turned to the crowd, she saw that he had blue yes. Striking blue eyes, the color of Hummingbird Lake in summer. His face was a study of sculpted angles and masculine planes that the artist in her itched to sketch.” p.18

Yes, Colt is absolutely DREAMY. *SIGHS*

I am not ashamed to say that I fell IN LOVE with Colt Rafferty. And not just because he is swoon-worthy handsome! When Sage has a breakdown at the Angel’s Rest’s opening, Colt is the only one who sees it. When he takes her in his arms and rocks and holds her as she weeps tears ripped from her soul, my heart was claimed. Colt is a puzzle-solver and he is intrigued by the “puzzle” that is Sage Anderson, from this very first meeting. Who is this tough, beautiful, competitive woman who is harbouring such a deep secret pain? I loved how Colt wooed his “Cinnamon” with his sweet little gifts. He was so caring, playful, teasing, tender, persistent and patient with Sage. Colt is just soooo … Gah! ... have I said, DREAMY??? *more sighing* 

Even though Sage knows she is still in a very dark place and feels she is too broken to be in a relationship, she can’t resist the playful seduction of the sexy wood-carver. Colt soon decides that Sage may be “The One” for him, but how can he convince her to give them a true chance, and help her heal from her PTSD? I longed so much to see these two find their Happily-Ever-After.

While the prevailing theme of the series is the healing power of love, Hummingbird Lake is a story about HOPE. How even in the bleakest of winters, spring will always come.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” ~Hal Borland

I have to say that adored Snowdrop, the bichon frise puppy. I loved the part she played in this story, and the added playful element she added to Sage's and Colt's relationship. So cute!

There is great chemistry and sexual tension between Sage and Colt, and the pre-lovin’ was sizzling. Unfortunately, the love scenes are mild and were fade-to-black. I have to be honest and say that I wanted just a little something more in that department. C’mon! Colt Rafferty is HOT!!! LOL Luckily, I have a great imagination. Ahem. *winks*

That being said, this story and the characters resonated so much with me, such that I found myself needing to re-read certain parts again, and will in future. This story had me crying, laughing, my heart aching, feeling hopeful and inspired, and then smiling broadly at the end. So, on this basis, it’s a 5-Star read for me!

I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Heartache Falls! Hopefully it'll arrive in the mail soon! And I look forward to more books in Emily March's wonderful Eternity Springs series.

One of my favourite quotes:
“Nothing. You’re ridiculous.”
“Made you smile, though, didn’t I? I felt it against my strong, muscular chest.”'

The Making of Hummingbird Lake Starring 
Jaime Ray Newman (Sage Anderson) & Matthew Bomer (Colt Rafferty)


DISCLAIMER: There is no Hummingbird Lake movie in the making...that I know of. But I think there should be! And I volunteer to be the "Casting Director". Who wants to help? ^_^


  1. Thanks, MBR. Hopefully I dream of dreamy Colt Rafferty, who looks like Matt Bomer, tonight. LOL

    Enjoy Breaking Point! Hey, why do I even say that! Of course, you will!! ^_^

  2. A wonderful review & perfect pics x

  3. Thank you, Sharon! xx Have you read it yet? I'm waiting for Heartache Falls to arrive.

  4. Wow, Lady Jayne, your review describes this story perfectly and the pictures you chose are great! I loved this book and Colt was sooo sexy:)

  5. Wow!! Another great review Lady Jayne!!

    Lovely Lovely Pics!!!

    & Matthew Bomer... HAWT HAWT HAWT *sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.....*

  6. @KatLynne: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the review and the pics. I know you've been waiting a while for it, so I didn't want to disappoint.

    Colt is indeed soooo sexy! Which is why I just needed something more. LOL If Emily March hadn't made him so gosh darned sexy and made the chemistry so great, I wouldn't have minded the fade-to-black so much. But Colt is just....SEXXXY!!!! I needed more details about the "master in bed". ^_~

  7. @Mia: Thank you so much, Mia! I hope you love the books as much as I do.

    Matthew Bomer is HAWT, isn't he? I used to think he was "cute" as Tru's boyfriend on Tru Calling, and in Traveler. But lately, he has gotten... HOT. Aging is doing him good. ^_^

  8. Sorry Jayne, I have only now seen your comment; I have downloaded it to my kindle but haven't had a chance to start it as yet - hopefully soon ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend x

  9. I havent finished reading the review yet...but the pics!! esp yg the one from ohlala blog! ohlala LOL. I think you make a fantastic casting director, a career change perhaps? ; )

  10. @Sharon: No, worries! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it! ^_^

    @Mel: Thanks, Mel! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yes, isn't Matthew Bomer so Ohlala?! ^_^ Yeah, I think I missed my calling. LOL

  11. Wonderful review, Jayne! Love the pics.